Our guests are privy to frequent wildlife sightings, ticking off unforgettable bucket-list experiences, and marvelling at the magic of Kariba’s abundant residents. You can expect such sightings to include the iconic african elephant, and their young, frolicking in the shallows, hippos and crocodiles in vast numbers (which is why swimming in the lake is not advised), buffaloes, the enchanting and endangered black rhinos, prides of lions, solitary leopards, waterbucks, kudus, impalas, and over 480 species of birds. It goes without saying that one should bring binoculars to fully enjoy these precious moments with the Kariba Cruise Company.

No single day in the life of a guest staying aboard one of our houseboats is ever the same when it comes to wildlife sightings, but one can expect to see some of the great icons of african wildlife, such as the endangered black rhino, herds of african elephants, waterbucks, kudus, impalas, prides of lions, pods of hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, the elusive leopards and over 480 species of birds including the african fish eagle.

Fishing trips can be arranged on the tender boat provided, as well as game viewing and bird watching trips. The joy of a houseboat is that everything can be enjoyed from the comfort of the boat. Walking on the shore is not advised. It’s easy to forget that these spectacular creatures are indeed wild and dangerous. Staying a safe distance away is sensible.

Although the fishing is good all year round, it is particularly good in the hot summer months from September to March. The largest fish in Kariba is the vundu, which is a giant catfish, that can grow to well over 60kg. Equally as impressive but for different reasons is the iconic tiger fish. A real reel spinner, this fish exudes strength and speed and boasts an impressive mouth of razor-sharp interlocking teeth, commonly caught at 3 to 6kg but sometimes weighing in at a whopping 10kg! Other common fish include the Kariba bream, the electric catfish, the brown squeaker and the barbel.

Some of the fish are edible and if yours is big enough to eat, our chef will prepare it just the way you like it.

If you take our all inclusive package, we arrange everything including your fishing licence. If you decide to take the bare-boat package, you can buy your fishing licence, as well as your parks fees, at the harbour before we depart. Worms and bait can be bought in Kariba.

Corsaro is child friendly; a houseboat trip on Kariba Lake is a fantastic family holiday for all ages. We provide life jackets, fishing equipment, a tender boat for fishing trips. Corsaro has a spa pool on the top deck which can be fun for the kids. Swimming in the lake is not advised even with parental supervision.  Silver Fox is less child friendly mainly due to the gap in the rails on the top deck and the steep steps on the back. We advise children ages twelve and older, or otherwise at your own risk.

Yes, Kariba and indeed much of Zimbabwe falls within a malaria area. We do advise our guests to take the necessary precautions before travelling to Zimbabwe. The mosquitos are only a problem in the evenings and both boats have screens for the outdoor areas so you can watch the sunset in peace. Silver Fox only has air conditioning while the generator runs (until 7pm due to National Parks regulations) so the windows may need to stay open during the night. There are mosquito nets available but we would still advise on taking every precaution.

Well that depends! If you are particularly prone to motion sickness and the water is rough, you may feel a little unwell during the short leap across the lake, but much of the trip is spent near the edges of the lake where the water is calm and there’s plenty to see. Silver Fox is less stable than Corsaro because she’s a smaller boat, so the effects may be more significant on her.

Corsaro is fully air conditioned and temperature controlled, 24 hours a day, for your comfort.

Silver Fox has air conditioning whilst the generator runs. National Parks requires that all generators be turned off by 7pm, so during the night she is cooled by natural ventilation only.

Eight adults can sleep onboard Corsaro. There are two double cabins, both ensuite, a cabin with 2 single bunks with an adjacent bathroom and there are two additional day beds, both on the top deck. All are air conditioned and screened to keep the mosquitoes out.

Seven adults can sleep onboard Silver Fox. There is a twin ensuite, a cabin with four single bunks and a day bed on the lower level. There is a separate shower and a separate toilet. Guests are advised to use the mosquito nets provided since the air conditioning can only run while the generator is on. National Parks regulations require all generators be turned off at 7pm. You’ll want all the windows open in the summer months to make the most of the light breeze.

Both houseboats are moored at Lake Safaris in Andora Harbour, Kariba. See our contact page for a map.